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Back of House is back with a bang!

Forget a peek behind the curtain, Season 4 gives you a giant gaze! With an exciting and emotional mix of both pre and post COVID-19 footage, you will surely be entertained. Catch up on everything that’s happening at one of the most exciting travel destinations anywhere, Mohegan Sun. The cast and crew swiftly deal with the pandemic and the difficulties of COVID-19. Partially filmed pre-Covid, the challenges and rewards of a New Year’s Eve extravaganza, holiday galas, and a towering Gingerbread House build, Back of House is back with a hammer, a nail and a bang!


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See how it all unfolds in Season 4 of Back of House.


EPISODE 1 | 6:44 min

Due to the pandemic, Mohegan Sun had to close its doors for the first time ever. Watch as this 24/7, 365 day a year operation shifted gears to help its local community and its own employees, while they simultaneously attempted to understand life during quarantine. Given the green light to reopen, Jeff, Mary and Dan led team members, working relentlessly to figure out how to reopen one of the largest travel destinations anywhere. Ensuring the safety of both the guests and the staff was paramount. They had to find a way.


EPISODE 2 | 7:25 min

As reopening day quickly approached, the news media flooded Mohegan Sun. The health, safety and sanitation efforts were fastidious, fast and furious as the clock ticked closer to guests returning to their favorite playground. The question on everyone’s mind was “how will this go?”. The casino is spotless, the back hallways too, and the hotel rooms are treated with the new stringent protocols. As the team leaders completed their final walkthroughs, the bright shine of a successful reopening lied just ahead on the horizon. See what happened next.


EPISODE 3 | 8:23 min

The holidays are back at Mohegan Sun! Watch Chef Lynn and his team build a life size Gingerbread House. That included teams from engineering, carpentry, security, EVS, marketing and more. The project requires notoriously long hours and can be quite stressful, but the team had some outside help too! Last year busloads of school children came to Mohegan Sun to put the finishing touches on this one of a kind masterpiece, and as a thank you, the Mohegan Sun team gave them a special surprise gift. Watch it all now!


EPISODE 4 | 7:29 min

The Holiday Season of 2019 was a truly magical time at Mohegan Sun. The property was transformed into a winter wonderland. Mariah Carey brought her holiday concert and put everyone in the spirit of the season. But the most dazzling spectacle of all was the huge drag queen holiday bash at novelle. Lindsay, Lauren, and the entire team worked together to guarantee a flawless event. Were these divas too much to handle? Be the first to find out. It’s a night you won’t soon forget, and the ladies vow to come back to Mohegan Sun again and again! Stay tuned.


EPISODE 5 | 7:18 min

We’re revisiting New Year’s Eve of last year at Mohegan Sun. The range of festivities and parties going into 2020 was as massive as ever with well over 10,000 people in attendance. The team of Lauren, Tyler and Andre worked hard to make sure the evening would run without a hitch, but does it? Can it? With Pyrotechnics scheduled at Midnight over the waterfall, and the need for a complete ballroom make-over in under an hour in the convention center, anything can happen, and probably will. Will this team, and all involved, be able to help everyone ring in the New Year in style? Find out now.


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EPISODE 1 | 7:34 min

DJ Khaled is playing for a sold-out crowd in the 10,000-seat Arena, but this is the last thing on Lindsay’s mind as she gets ready for the after party at Avalon nightclub. She attempts to dodge all sorts of curveballs while making all the last-minute preparations.


EPISODE 2 | 8:25 min

Erica has her game face on this week. She has money to give away and two casino promotional events that must go off perfectly. Don must be ready and on-time for Erica’s “Hot Seat Thursdays” promotion with his expertise on the table games computer system.


EPISODE 3 | 7:49 min

Rachel Lindsay, fresh off her finale on ABC’s The Bachelorette, comes to Mohegan Sun for an exclusive Q&A and signing for her fans. Melissa oversees making sure the event goes off without a hitch, as Kim requests last-minute arrangements from Chef Lynn to build something sweet and special for Rachel and her fiancé.


EPISODE 4 | 7:45 min

The gigantic Barrett-Jackson collector car auction comes to Mohegan Sun for the second time. Derrick is tasked with making sure nearly 2,000 cars arrive to property on time and that everything runs smoothly. It's all hands-on deck as Jeff pulls employees from all departments to ensure that the resort is prepared for over a half million guests to come through its doors.


EPISODE 5 | 6:16 min

It’s the launch of Hot Summer Fun, a huge promotion for the casino, and the team is turning up the heat. Jeff and Erica visit a series of radio stations with a lot of nervous energy to promote their first rooftop party of the season. Last year was a big hit with their guests and they’re determined to go one-better, weather permitting, of course.


EPISODE 6 | 8:21 min

Mohegan Sun Arena is gearing up for two sold-out nights of Kenny Chesney. Greg is running around making sure all preparations are made. He has a lot of ground to cover so he enlists the help of Jennifer to ensure everything gets done on time. There’s added pressure when Susanne asks Greg to squeeze in a last-minute meet and greet for one of her VIP customers.

Season 1 Cast

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Erica S1


Lindsay S1


Derrick S1


Lynn S1


Jennifer S1


Greg S1


Melissa S1


Don S1


Kim S1



EPISODE 1 | 3:17 min

The Sun Wine and Food Festival is back and is better than ever. Lindsay has a roster full of celebrity chefs including one of her biggest bookings to date, Snoop and Martha Stewart. She wakes up for the big weekend with a bad cold, but is determined to not let it derail her quest for the perfect event.


EPISODE 2 | 3:13 min

Chef Lynn is tasked with making 30,000 desserts per day. He considers himself a conductor and his staff is the orchestra. His job is the grand finale of every meal and he is always looking to make a lasting impression.


EPISODE 3 | 3:36 min

The Connecticut Sun prepares for their battle against the Las Vegas Aces, as excitement fills the air. It’s a basketball season with endless possibilities. The moment is never too big for Amber as she takes a deep breath and remembers to soak it all in.


EPISODE 4 | 4:18 min

It’s crunch time as Dan and Jeff make all the last minute building and inspection preparations for the grand opening of the Earth Expo & Convention Center. The construction team and others, are working around the clock to ensure the ribbon cutting goes off without a hitch.


EPISODE 5 | 4:16 min

Kevin is preparing his team for a sold out concert with Britney Spears. The crew has 48 hours to transform the venue and get it ready for the big night. It’s going to take a lot of sweat and coffee to make sure it all comes together in time.


EPISODE 6 | 3:14 min

Peyton Manning is stopping by for a private meet and greet with a group of VIP guests. Jessica is dealing with last minute requests and making sure both the luxury suite and The Cabaret Theatre are ready for the big night. A last minute transportation problem has Derrick coming in to save the day.


EPISODE 7 | 4:08 min

Jeff has the VIP customers on his mind as he is laying down the foundation for a luxurious expansion. Whether it’s going over samples with Ray and Dave or tasting new menu items from Chef Doucette, Jeff is determined to bring the best service to Mohegan Sun’s guests.


EPISODE 8 | 3:01 min

Mary is gearing up for a big day: the grand opening of the Mandara Spa and hundreds of college students checking in. A customer with a problem sidetracks her and Mary attempts to rectify the situation before her morning meeting starts.

Season 2 Cast

Jeff S2


Lindsay S2


Lynn S2


Mary S2


Dan S2


Amber S2


Jessica S2


Kevin S2



EPISODE 1 | 8:33 min

Mohegan Sun makes over 7,000 cakes a year. Today, there’s a training competition between five dedicated employees. Chef Lynn declares: "We always do more than needed, and I want to see the best of the best." Erica a cake lover, and Jeff a cake hater are both recruited to help pick the winner! See how it all turns out.


EPISODE 2 | 8:41 min

It's that time of year when Sun BBQ Fest and Party on the Rooftop fall on the same weekend. Ouch! With so many moving parts, outside vendors, and internal departments involved, Andre and team are on a mission to make both events run extra smooth, and of course, be extra memorable. Will his biggest problem be tight deadlines or his desire for perfection!? Find out now.


EPISODE 3 | 8:40 min

One of the biggest events on Cindy's calendar is the Asian Beauty Pageant. It starts late and runs overnight. It's a large-scale production for the entertainment team and other employees too. Cindy's all-night balancing act is between handling guests, co-workers, contestants, superstar performers, and even her own shoes. How will she survive?


EPISODE 4 | 5:51 min

It's 48 hours before novelle officially opens. Joe is either sweating bullets or as cool as ice; it's hard to know for sure. Not even Jeff can tell. New to Mohegan Sun, Joe is feeling the pressure of making a good first impression. His years of experience in nightlife have prepared him for this moment. Will he and his team come through?


EPISODE 5 | 5:34 min

Celebrity handler Lindsay is feistier than ever, and attributing it to the last stage of her pregnancy. How will this go down? Is she able to deliver a big-name celebrity for the opening of novelle, or will she be delivering something else?! How will it go with Joe, her “f#!%#g nuts” colleague who has “the patience of a flea”? It’s Lindsay at her best.


EPISODE 6 | 7:55 min

Peter’s real job is in HR, but he's willing to pitch in anywhere anytime. A request to help unveil a new casino game is diverting his attention away from the big slot tournament he volunteered to host. Mr. ShowBiz is desperate to find time for a moment of Zen before the big event. He eventually reveals himself and steals the show. See how it all goes down!

Season 3 Cast

Jeff S3


Lindsay S3


Lynn S3


Andre S3


Peter S3


Cindy S3


Joe S3