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Back of House is your all-access pass to the action behind the action at Mohegan Sun.

Forget a peek behind the curtain, Season 4 gives you a giant gaze! With an exciting and emotional mix of both pre and post COVID-19 footage, you will surely be entertained. Catch up on everything that’s happening at one of the most exciting travel destinations anywhere, Mohegan Sun. The cast and crew swiftly deal with the pandemic and the difficulties of COVID-19. Partially filmed pre-Covid, the challenges and rewards of a New Year’s Eve extravaganza, holiday galas, and a towering Gingerbread House build, Back of House is back with a hammer, a nail and a bang!


Watch Season 4 Episodes

A New Beginning

EPISODE 1 | 6:44 min

Due to the pandemic, Mohegan Sun had to close its doors for the first time ever. Watch as this 24/7, 365 day a year operation shifted gears to help its local community and its own employees, while they simultaneously attempted to understand life during quarantine. Given the green light to reopen, Jeff, Mary and Dan led team members, working relentlessly to figure out how to reopen one of the largest travel destinations anywhere. Ensuring the safety of both the guests and the staff was paramount. They had to find a way.

Be Social, Be Safe

EPISODE 2 | 7:25 min

As reopening day quickly approached, the news media flooded Mohegan Sun. The health, safety and sanitation efforts were fastidious, fast and furious as the clock ticked closer to guests returning to their favorite playground. The question on everyone’s mind was “how will this go?”. The casino is spotless, the back hallways too, and the hotel rooms are treated with the new stringent protocols. As the team leaders completed their final walkthroughs, the bright shine of a successful reopening lied just ahead on the horizon. See what happened next.

The Gingerbread House

EPISODE 3 | 8:23 min

The holidays are back at Mohegan Sun! Watch Chef Lynn and his team build a life size Gingerbread House. That included teams from engineering, carpentry, security, EVS, marketing and more. The project requires notoriously long hours and can be quite stressful, but the team had some outside help too! Last year busloads of school children came to Mohegan Sun to put the finishing touches on this one of a kind masterpiece, and as a thank you, the Mohegan Sun team gave them a special surprise gift. Watch it all now!

Divas Light up the Holidays

EPISODE 4 | 7:30 min

The Holiday Season of 2019 was a truly magical time at Mohegan Sun. The property was transformed into a winter wonderland. Mariah Carey brought her holiday concert and put everyone in the spirit of the season. But the most dazzling spectacle of all was the huge drag queen holiday bash at novelle. Lindsay, Lauren, and the entire team worked together to guarantee a flawless event. Were these divas too much to handle? Be the first to find out. It’s a night you won’t soon forget, and the ladies vow to come back to Mohegan Sun again and again! Stay tuned.

New Year's Eve

EPISODE 5 | 7:18 min

We’re revisiting New Year’s Eve of last year at Mohegan Sun. The range of festivities and parties going into 2020 was as massive as ever with well over 10,000 people in attendance. The team of Lauren, Tyler and Andre worked hard to make sure the evening would run without a hitch, but does it? Can it? With Pyrotechnics scheduled at Midnight over the waterfall, and the need for a complete ballroom make-over in under an hour in the convention center, anything can happen, and probably will. Will this team, and all involved, be able to help everyone ring in the New Year in style? Find out now.

Meet The Cast Of Season 4

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