Arena during a show



For your convenience, Mohegan Sun offers over 13,000 parking spots free of charge. Valet parking is available at the Sky, Summer and Hotel entrances.

Prohibited Items and Security

For the safety and enjoyment of everyone at an event, anyone entering the Arena is subject to a reasonable search. This includes, but is not limited to bags, purses, coats and hats. Guests are prohibited from bringing the following items into Mohegan Sun Arena:

  • food, except for certain medical conditions
  • illegal drugs
  • glass, plastic or metal containers
  • video or audio recorders
  • professional quality camera equipment
  • backpacks
  • coolers
  • umbrellas
  • knives
  • firearms or weapons of any kind
  • firecrackers
  • strollers or baby seats
  • folding chairs
  • noise makers or horns
  • streamers
  • balloons
  • signs (excluding WWE wrestling events)
  • beach balls
  • parcels
  • packages or any items the contents of which is not displayed

The venue management reserves the right to restrict any other items that could pose a safety hazard or restrict the enjoyment of another guest. Any prohibited items may be returned to a vehicle or disposed of properly. At the discretion of venue management, certain items may be left at the bag checks at either entrance to the Arena. Management also reserves the right to inspect personal belongings of a suspicious nature.


Mohegan Sun Arena is a SMOKE-FREE venue. Smoking is prohibited in all areas of the Arena, including restrooms. Guests who fail to comply with this policy may be subject to ejection from the Arena.


Bag Check Policy

For your convenience, bag checks are located at both entrances to the Arena. Bag checks remain open for 1/2 hour after the performance. After this time, all unclaimed items are taken to the lost guest assistance booth located in the Spring Gateway and are then transferred to the casino lost and found. Mohegan Sun assumes no responsibility for any items left at the bag checks.

Lost and Found

All found items are immediately taken to the Arena security office located across from section 12. After the show is over, all items are taken to the casino lost and found. If you lose an item during an event, please see our event staff for assistance. If you realize you have lost an item after you leave the property, please call 1.888.226.7711 and ask to speak with someone in our lost and found. The lost and found is open seven days a week, from 8:00am until 4:00pm.


As a house rule, disposable cameras are permitted, but may be prohibited based on the request of the performing artist and their management. Call in advance to find out what the camera policy will be during the event. Video and audio recording equipment are prohibited in the Arena at all times.

Food and/or beverages of any kind may not be brought into the Arena. A selection of food and beverages are available at concession stands located throughout the Arena concourse and may be enjoyed at your seat during the performance.


A valid ticket is required for all guests who enter the Arena. Children 24 months and older also require a valid ticket.

Guest Conduct

Guests who are found guilty of public intoxication, using offensive language, throwing objects, standing on Arena chairs or any other behavior deemed by Mohegan Sun Arena as disruptive or dangerous in nature, are subject to ejection from the Arena.

Re-Entry Policy

Re-entry is permitted for select Arena events. This includes the after-show period. Before you arrive at the Arena, discuss a meeting place with your group in case you get separated during or after the show.