Mohegan Sun offers many amenities accessible to those with disabilities


Persons with disabilities have full access to the nearly 40 restaurants and eateries at Mohegan Sun.



Elevators are located throughout the property and parking garages at Mohegan Sun and are accessible to all persons with disabilities.



Both the Mohegan Sun Arena and the Wolf Den offer seating on nearly every level for people with disabilities.


Numerous restrooms are located throughout the property and all are accessible to those with disabilities. A number of unisex or companion care restrooms are also available.



Wheelchairs are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Limited availability.

For your convenience, electric scooters are available for rent. Reservations are recommended to ensure availability and the delivery of your scooter to the right location before your arrival. To reserve, call 860.862.8125 or 1.888.320.4577.

Rental Fee: $45.00 or 45 Choice Credits per day.


Handicapped parking is available in all of our parking garages and the Winter Parking Lot. The locations with the largest amount of handicapped parking spaces are:


  • Floor 2, Sky side of the Riverview Garage
  • Floor 5, Sky & Earth side of the Riverview Garage
  • Floor 1 of the Winter garage
  • The Winter Parking Lot