Chicken Fried - Zac Brown Tribute
  • Chicken Fried - Zac Brown Tribute

  • at 

    Sun Patio

  • Friday, June 30th 2023
  •   8:00pm

Chicken Fried - Zac Brown Tribute

Elton Lammie, an award winning vocalist, is the lead singer for the Chicken Fried Tribute Show. In his own live performances, he would receive numerous comments on how he resembled and sounded like Zac Brown. Many of Elton’s fans would wait each night for him to break into a few ZBB songs. This led to the formation of "Chicken Fried". Elton says,”The Zac Brown Band is now a band that makes $500,000+ per show, if people want to hear the music and be inspired from the songs of Zac Brown and can’t afford that then we will give them an alternative.”

Chicken Fried includes all the great songs and radio hits of Zac Brown Band in their show as well as some of the unexpected songs that Zac throws in their live concerts. “A Zac Brown show can include anything from Metallica to Ray Lamontagne so we do the same thing, people love the diversity”.



Reserve a fire pit and your first round of drinks for a minimum of six people and maximum of eight people per fire pit.

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