Russell Dickerson
  • Russell Dickerson
  • at Wolf Den
  • Friday, June 1st 2018
  •   8:00pm

Russell Dickerson

Russell Dickerson is a Nashville native and no stranger to the music industry. When people ask him what his favorite part about being an artist, he will always answer, "Playing shows and being on the road." His love affair with the road first began in college. When presented the opportunity to guitar tech on a major tour, he dropped his books and hit the road. He is an artist who isn't satisfied with simply producing, packaging and shipping his music out. Watching other people live through music inspires him, a quality that is evident in his captivating ability to entertain. His 6' 4'' frame and unending amount of energy commands the stage in every way. He says, "I don't just love the show but I love meeting the fans too. I don't really understand why artists don't spend more time with their fans, because I genuinely love it. I love hearing their stories, taking photos and becoming friends. That's what it's all about."


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