Exterior shot of Mohegan Sun Sky Tower


Welcome; Aquai

"Aquai" is the Mohegan word for greeting. The "Spirit of Aquai" expresses the Mohegan Tribe's guiding philosophy and is comprised of four key principles: Welcoming, Mutual Respect, Cooperation and Building Relationships.

These principles have guided and allowed the Mohegan Tribe to prosper in the community for hundreds of years. Today we continue to use these principles in developing our vendor relationships. At Mohegan Sun we are committed to cooperating with each other to build our success and we strive to create a warm and friendly atmosphere where we can build exceptional working relationships. The mutual respect and value that we have for each other allows us to work as a team to accomplish our goals and company vision. The "Spirit of Aquai" principles ultimately define who we are and how we treat each other while creating an atmosphere where we can work together to create a guest experience.

We have created a series of documents for your review. If you wish to proceed with becoming a vendor, please complete the New Vendor Set-Up Form and return as instructed.

Thank you for your interest in doing business with Mohegan Sun, we look forward to working with you.