Ana Popovic
  • Ana Popovic

  • at 

    Wolf Den

  • Saturday, October 7th 2023
  •   8:00pm

Ana Popovic

Internationally renowned guitarist Ana Popovic has built her career on defining and describing, on her own terms, the essence of American music, simultaneously pushing limits, bending genres, and reinventing her music and herself with each new record.

Not surprisingly, she can claim any number of notable accolades and achievements from the highest quarters of the music industry. She's shown her commitment to celebrating her guitar-driven, eclectic music style through consistent touring, awards, and recognition for the past 25 years. In the process, she's emerged as one of the most thoughtful, dynamic, and committed performers in modern songwriting and guitar.

Today she is stronger and more driven than ever before. She wants to inspire people: no matter what life throws at you, pick yourself up and come back twice as strong. She is a mother of two and is enjoying her second hobby - interior design. She's learning a new instrument - playing drums. Popovic performed 150 shows in 2020, and she's directing music videos. The “Recipe Is Romance” music video is, more than anything else, a strong message to all women that "you can still feel attractive, you can feel sexy, feel good in your skin, even if you're still recovering after such life struggles, you can reinvent yourself and find power in that.”

Well positioned among today's blues elite, Ana's confidence and credibility continue unabated. "Once I found myself back on my feet, everything instantly crystalized for me," she reflects. "I was able to embrace myself, reinvent myself, both my appearance and my sound. I'm ready to keep celebrating life through music. That's where I am now, and happily, I don't want to look back."


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