A team of Hosts awaits you, ready to assist with every detail. Whether you are coming for dinner and a show or are planning a vacation, you can count on our team to make your stay an unforgettable experience. Thank you for choosing Mohegan Sun.

To speak to a host, please call 1.888.226.7711.

Pietro Camardella

Casino Host

After being self-employed as a photographer for many years, Pietro joined Mohegan Sun in 2011 and became a Casino Host in 2012.  When asked what he feels is important about guest service, he said, "I believe the importance of guest service is paramount for Mohegan Sun's continued success, especially considering the fact that there is more competition in the gaming industry than ever before. We should strive to make every one of our guests feel special and appreciated with prompt and personalized service and always go the extra mile to deliver."  

Kenneth Christensen

Casino Host

Ken started in January of 2003 as a Player's Club representative and was then promoted to a Player's Club supervisor before joining the Executive Host department as a Casino Host.  He believes that great guest service means helping a guest experience a reality that is fun and memorable.  "If we can make a guest escape their problems, we have done our job."

Kash Eurkus

Casino Host

Kash is a casino management graduate and joined Mohegan Sun in 2013 as a Reservationist.  He became a Casino Host in 2014 and enjoys working face-to-face with our guests.  Kash says, "Guest service means everything as it is the most important aspect within the hospitality industry. Guests should be seen as the top priority and treated as if they are being welcomed into our own home. It is very important to make them feel at ease so they can enjoy their stay."

Tricia Gardiner

Casino Host

Tricia has been with Mohegan Sun since 2013 and says, "Guest service, to me, is blowing away the customer.  Every morning, I ask myself, 'Who am I going to WOW today?' Our guests are why I love working at Mohegan Sun."

Katelynn Woodward

Casino Host

Katelynn began her career at Mohegan Sun in 2011 and her personality helped advance her to a Casino Host position.  She says, "Guest service is giving the guest what they need, along with that little additional spark to get them to come back time and time again. We all know a customer is the most imperative, distinct necessity in any industry and we are reliant upon them. I have confidence in the fact that if we treat each guest with respect, educate them on the Momentum program and offer resolutions for their needs, we will outshine any other property."

Alissa Johnson

Executive Host

Alissa joined Mohegan Sun in August 2014 as a Casino Host and was promoted to an Executive Host in January 2015.  She believes "Guest service is continuously striving for perfection.  In our imperfect world, things can go wrong, but taking every measure to make it right is proving superior guest service."

Erik Van Ruissen

Executive Host

Erik has been with Mohegan Sun since 2013 and sees a client as an invited guest to his house.  Service is not what he does, but what he is and how he presents himself.  It's a way of living that must be brought in to everything he does, every day, to make every aspect of the guest's experience important, and preferably better every time they visit.

Scott Carlson

Executive Host

Scott has been with Mohegan Sun since 2001.  He is passionate about our guests and is strong in his convictions.  He says, "Guest service comes from your heart.  This is something that can't be taught; it is gained through life's experiences.  You want the guests to feel welcomed into your home, and you would like them to feel respected.  Treating them as a person instead of a number is key to great guest service.  Giving the guest satisfaction, confidence in the Casino and making them feel like a loyal player is vital."

Barbara Lapkowski

Executive Host

Barbara joined Mohegan Sun in December 1999 working in the Player's Club and became an Executive Host in 2001. She says it's important when interacting with a guest to find a resolution if the guest has an issue. "Listening to a guest in a positive, attentive and interested way allows them to see or hear your patience and willingness to help.  We must follow through with a solution."

Linda Klein

Executive Host Shift Manager

Linda started her career with Mohegan Sun in 2009 in Aquai and brought her industry knowledge with her.  She used her player development experience and joined the marketing team in 2010 as an Executive Host.  Linda was promoted to an Executive Host Shift Manager in 2014.  She said, "I try to make those around me as comfortable as possible by understanding their expectations for a relaxing, enjoyable experience."

Pamela Cole

Executive Host Shift Manager

Pamela joined Mohegan Sun in December 2006 as a Casino Host and was soon after promoted to an Executive Host. She joined the Executive Host management team as a Shift Manager in 2012.  Guest service is Pamela's number one priority. She says, "Mohegan Sun exists because of our guests."

Kristen Rose

Executive Host Manager

Kristen Rose, the Executive Host Manager, is a day-one employee of Mohegan Sun. Her dedication and passion for the highest level of guest service has been the reason why Kristen could not see herself working in any other environment than Mohegan Sun. Kristen says, "Our diverse groups of guests and employees are the reason why working at Mohegan Sun has been such a rewarding experience."